Task Agent authentication & manager account

Hi All,

We are migrating to E10 and understand setting up task agents to authenticate as a user is not a good practice(if the user leaves the company and account is disabled the task agents won’t authenticate). So we were thinking we should authenticate as the manager account, although we found we don’t know what the manager account password is unfortunately. I though any security manager could reset a password but found I was mistaken. Any recommendation on the two open issues 1.) how to reset manager password 2.) should we authenticate task agents as manager

Im not an expert, but I would create a new Security Admin account to use temperary for the taskAgent. Once on E10 in the Admin Console under Server Management (once connected with temp account) you can select the Manager user and reset the password from their.

I heavily recommend using an account specific to that use case. You will thank me when trying to diagnose where are those calls coming from scenarios when troubleshooting an issue.

Get a ‘TaskAgentProcess’ type account made and you will be much happier.

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