Textboxes disabled when bind to dataview

I Have created a dataview which points to the Customer table, I have also created textboxes which bind to the Customer dataview I created, but when I save and preview the changes and after selecting a Sales order these textboxes I have created are disabled, the other textboxes which are bound to the OrderHed dataview are enabled.
I have create a new layer in Application Studio and made these changes on this new layer.
If someone could give me any advice on the issue as it would be much appreciated.

Thank you

Does your customer dataview have data when you run it?
When you preview, press F12 to get into Dev Tools, then CTRL+ALT+8 to start debugging, then CTRL+ALT+V to show the current dataviews.
Expand your customer one–are there rows in it?

Many thanks, for your reply.
It looks like the dataview is empty, do you know how to populate the view with data please?


You’ll have to wire an event to populate it.
You can use the rest-erp widget to call Erp.BO.Customersvc.
Set up the response parameters to bind to your view.

You’ll have to pick an event to piggy back onto or some other sort of trigger.
How do you want this to be retrieved? Automagically? Button Click? Something else?

I would like this to be triggered as soon as the form in this case the Sales Order loads.


So, I would create a new event. Within that event, leave the trigger node as “No Trigger”, then wire up a rest-erp widget to it.

Find the system event called AfterGetById and at the end of the stuff in there, add a new “Next-Event” node and enter the name of the rest event you just created.

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Here’s the AfterGetById (Note that my event is not named the same as the one I’m going to show you in the next images just because I have this wired to something else. Name your event the same as the ID of the new event you’re creating)

These are all Part-based, but adjust yours to be Customer.

On the first screen shot your shared what should be configured on the event-next please?


The value is just the name of the event you created to get the data from.
My example, it would be “ce_GetPartData_ADW”.

That did seem to work thanks, but for some reason all the controls on the form appear to be disabled now.


Sorry I forgot to mention that the data is binding, but all the controls are disabled.

Can you send me a few screenshots?
One of the controls being disabled and a few more of how you have set up the controls that are disabled?

The first image is the form with the disabled controls, the area with Luceco is the custom controls I have added.


That looks like everything (including native controls) is disabled.
Are you in Tracker or Entry?

To be honest I am not sure, I am new to Kinetic and this is installed on one of the company’s test servers.
Is there a way I could check please?


Well, the simplest would be to go by the name of the menu item you clicked on.
Did it say “Order Entry” or “Order Tracker”?

Sorry, I think it is ok now, I am not sure what happen but I closed the form and reloaded and it seems to be working with all the controls enabled.
Many thanks for all your help it is very much appreciated.

Thank you.

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I am creating another custom for the Customer form I am trying to setup the ‘ShipTo’ data view to display the data and as the same as I was having before the controls I have bound to the ‘ShipTo’ data view are disabled, and when I try and setup the event to call the Rest service the response parameters doesn’t have the data view in the drop down box see the below image.

If someone could help me with this issue please.
Thank you

You have to click the + to add a response parameter.

Parameter Name: This is the table element returned JSON.
View Name: This is the view you’re binding the results to.
Parse from Response Path: as far as I know, this will always be “returnObj” unless it’s a custom REST call.

That’s great many thanks.