[ ThrowBackThursday ] 2007 - Conversation with Epicor's Bart Elia - Partnering with Microsoft

Sorry @Bart_Elia , but you are awesome! We want more Videos. Awesome that you thought good about Partnering in 2007 when they were closed-source; you must be even happier today, that it was a great move.


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Try again https://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/Inside+Out/Conversation-with-Epicors-Bart-Elia-Partnering-with-Microsoft

Its doubled up. Just delete the second entry of the link.


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yeah I figured that out. I just like giving @hasokeric crap cause he messed up… :wink:

Its the E10Help Forum Engine fault, I’ve been on forums that detect dead-links and ask “Hey this Link doesnt seem to work, you sure you want to add it” :slight_smile: gonna put in Suggestion for @josecgomez to fix.

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Sure I’ll add it to my TODO list… Hey wait don’t you write Ruby on Rails too? go make me a plug in I don’t have to be the only one fixing this… It’s a “community” after all :smile:


I glanced back at this. I forgot this was after a presentation we did for all Office customers at an executive summit at Redmond. Funny to think back at Info Worker and the tech underneath compared to how we use REST into Excel. I think this was just after writing the first C# server code for E9… wow 11 years ago flies by…



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