Time and Expense Oddity

I have one user that can’t alter time details in time and expense.
The user has the same security rights as one of her peers who can.
Her T&E doesn’t even show it as having time details (see screenshots comparing mine and hers).
I’ve cleared her cache and personalizations with no success.
Any ideas what’s going on with hers?



Looks like her’s has already been posted. IIRC there is a way to reopen as long as the accounting period is but it’s been awhile since I’ve had the issue.

Yes, this in particular has been posted; this isn’t the one trying to be edited.
Take a look at the tree, though. Her image doesn’t even show that there are details under each day.
In addition, on the calendar, mine will show bold on the days that have details; hers does not.
Something is janky.

Sorry, didn’t look closely enough.

Have you compared the settings in Employee Maintenance?

No problem.
Yes, every tab on their employee file is the same as is the securities in their user account setup.

In T&EE can you load up her employee and enter time?

We have been tripped up by not checking the "Allowed to book to Manufactured Jobs checkbox.

@Randy She went AFK, so I’ll have to try that when she gets back.

@DavisStd1 She’s got that marked.

@Randy Here’s the response I got when I asked if she could enter her own time:

I can see May 7 onward. We were able to view Bernie’s to submit an open line, but then the detail went away and we couldn’t see it anymore.
For me, I can enter detail, but I can’t look back on it….it disappears.

Reinstalling the client did not have an effect, either.

Got it!
The user had “Retrieve Approved Records” unchecked.
All is right with the world again. :+1:t2:


Good find @hmwillett! Talk about being thrown for a loop, eh?