Time Phase Not Matching Part Transaction History Tracker

Has anyone ever experienced Time Phase not matching Part Transaction History Tracker/Quantity Adjustment? We found this afternoon a specific part that is showing incorrect on-hand qty for a part. On-hand Qty shown for one site is actually the on-hand qty for another. Also appears the Site tab under part tracker is also incorrect, but Warehouse and bin tabs are correct. I sort of remember there is a process you can run when part tracker doesn’t match quantity adjustment, but don’t remember what that is. Thoughts?

Time Phase - Incorrect

Part Tracker - Sites tab - Incorrect

Part Tracker - Warehouse Tab - Correct

Quantity Adjustment - Correct

Try running this:

Thanks! I ran that, it brought up some other parts mainly currently zero quantity ones. But, not the part in question.

I am not sure if this is the same as your screenshot shows Part Tracker and not Transaction History Tracker but we had an issue a couple of weeks ago where Time Phase didn’t match Transaction History Tracker and it was because someone had transacted for December 2021.

I ran into an issue in 10.1 where the system sometimes decided to be case sensitive. Also trailing spaces caused issues. Bin “A1”, “a1” and "A1 " would be considered as different. It caused issues with PartTran and Cycle Counting. Issue was supposedly resolved in 10.2.

Data fix for trailing spaces is CR40883MPS and the fix for the case is CR39940MPS.

I think that mainly impacted reporting (e.g. Stock Status) rather than the live screens tho.