Token migration tool - worked for you? Where are CRE tokens stored?

We are upgrading from 10.2.100 to 10.2.400 this evening and part of the upgrade will be migrating from SDM to CRE using the token migration tool. Has anyone done this? Issues? (We are on premise and staying on the same VM server)

Also, during questions to tech support I was told by one that the existing SDM tokens are migrated into CRE and stored in our SecureDB. Then, a later tech support person said the CRE tokens are not stored anywhere in our system and are instead stored “on Epicor CRE Cloud Servers” and “once we have CRE running you can remove all the ESDM components including the secure db”… I have conflicting information and I’m trying to get a solid answer here. Any thoughts here to help clarify for me?

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Hello Adam,

Did you got any response about this? How did it go?

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No, I never got a clear answer. During that upgrade we ran into issues and had to just stick with SDM.

However, we are beginning to test another version and will need to complete this CRE migration very soon.