Total Shipped

I am looking to add the “total shipped” field into my report. The field exist in the Sales Order interface, Field Name: TotalShipped, EPBinding = OrderDtl.TotalShipped - however I cannot see to find this field in my datadefinition tables and it is not listed as excluded.

Any help would be appreciated!

That is a calculated field. You need OrderRel.OurInventoryShippedQty + OrderRel.OurJobShippedQty (please verify I have the correct field names).

I have OurJobShippedQty but can’t find OurInventoryShippedQty or any relative field?

Just found OurStockShippedQty would that be it?

Yes. That’s the one.

So, I am using RDD and SRSS - can I add a calculated field is SRSS?

You cannot CREATE a new calculated field, but you can add an existing calculated field in the SSRS report.

You can’t create a calculated field in Report Data Definition without the SDK license, but you can create a calculated field in the SSRS report.