Tracelog Not Working for Kinetic

I noticed Tracelog doesn’t log anything when using kinetic screens and only logs when using the classic version.
Is there a replacement for Tracelog in Kinetic or something I’m not aware of?
Is Tracelog supposed to work for kinetic?

You’ll need to use the development tools in the browser. Specifically the Network Tab.

How To: Debugging Kinetic (Browser)

If you are using the client, add this to <userSettings>
<LaunchEOBrowserDebug value=“True”>


You add that to the sysconfig file ^^^

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According to this KB article:

It belongs in <appSettings>

there are two lines mentioned, I’m not sure what the first one is for
<DisableSPA value="False" />
<LaunchEOBrowserDebug value="True" />

<userSettings> overwrites <appSettings> (not sure if it applies to everything)

Not a clue