Development Tools & Debug Logging

Is there some way to open Edge or Chrome and have the development tools open and debug logging set to true for every action? When you open a slider, the logging does not persist to the slider page, so I miss all of the calls at the start. Is there a way to have the debug logging already on when opening a slider?

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In your browser, do a Ctl-Shift-I (F12 in Chrome or Edge) and that will bring up the browser tools. You can start looking at the Network Traffic and see all the calls.

Troubleshooting Kinetic Web/Smart Client Problems - EpiCare

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You can turn it on globally.

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Thanks @Mark_Wonsil , I forgot about the Network Page. That helps, but what I really want to see is the detailed logging on the Console Page.

@hmwillett , will turning on the Global Debugging capture detail like you get on the Console Page after hitting ctrl+alt+8?

That’s exactly what it’s doing.
It’s doing Ctrl+Alt+8 for everyone on every screen constantly in the background.