Track Mulitple UOMs Replenishment Types

Just been doing some testing around Kanban and Replenshment Types and noticed that checking the Track Multiple UOMs disables the Replenishment Type Field. I’m wondering is this is correct or we have made some configuration mistake. Parts in the Education don’t have track multiple UOM enabled 8MM100B, that was until I checked it and it’s now greyed out and can/'t change it back Yikes!

Any assistance appreciated


@Hally, did you ever get to the bottom of this. I was wondering whether there is another way of managing replenishment for parts with multiple UOM’s?

Hello @aaronl. This is a limitation, unless you get the Advanced UOM licence in 10.2.700. That’s my understanding. During our implementation we had to change our inventory model to allow this to work… There is a lot of other setup to make it all work, not just the track multiple UOMs. One of the other things I did discover is if you turn it on, it updates the PartUOM table with all combinations of UOMs for that part, (part specific and Non-specific). If you uncheck it does not clean the table up.

To fix the disabled checkbox, I think you may need to have zero out all qty on hand for all UOMs, similarly what you have to do if you are changing the Costing Method.