Transfer Notes From Engineering Work Bench to Job Assemblies

Hi, I have created a comment field in the ECORev table that I want brought over to overwrite the JobAsmbl.CommentText field when selecting “Actions” - “Job” - “GetDetails” - and selecting a part number on the job entry screen. Does anyone know the custom code to complete that?

If you updated your part master, then every new job you create with that part will contain the new text. You shouldn’t need any custom code.
If you are asking about updating existing open jobs, that is a whole different story. You could use DMT for this kind of update.

Hi Nate,
they want to update the ECORev table with notes in the custom note field I created, and have that field transfer into the job assembly notes when getting job detail. I just don’t know how to pull that data from ECORev and post it to JobAsmbl.CommentText

ECO tables exist solely to control rev changes. Changes to EcoRev go into the corresponding fields in PartRev. PartRev may then be referenced in a Job. You should never, ever, pull something from the ECO tables to a job. I mean, in theory, a rev could have records in multiple ECO groups, so there’s even a dupe risk.

So, for starters, whatever custom fields you have in EcoRev you need to duplicate in PartRev. Good news is that you have User Defined Column Map Maintenance that will map them for you so that check in and check out work as expected on the UD fields.

As for getting it into the job, you have a few options:

  1. Just reference the PartRev value. Easiest to do, and keeps jobs in sync with Part Master.
  2. Slightly harder, but use UD Column Map Maintenance (again) to map your PartRev field to JobAsmbl.