BPM - Update JobOper from Part table

If I am trying to update the JobOper.CommentText in Job Entry from the Part table based on the JobHead.PartNum, how would this be done? When a new operation gets retrieved or saved, the CommentText field gets updated from the Part table. If this is done using a BPM, which widget would be used to pull the information from the Part table?

I’ve not used this before but it seems that added comments into this location may impact what you see on the job:


Comments added on Part.ManufacturingComments this show up on Jobhead.comments on job creation.

We’re trying to pull a field from the Part tab using a BPM without having to manually enter the manufacturing comments.

First you need to identify the methods that are retrieving and saving, then in Method directives you decide if you logic goes before, instead or after the methods.

I’m not familiar with everything you can do in a bpm, so I would just use a custom code block.

I am trying to use the JobEntry.GetNewJobOper method for Pre-Processing but I’m not really sure which Setter to use to achieve this update.

I would use a custom code block to take the PartNum from JobOper, and query the Part table to get the information you want and save that into a new bpm variable.

Then you can use a Set Value block, to set whatever field in the new JobOper record that you just retrieved to the bpm variable that was set in the previous block.

I’m not sure how to use a custom code block. The Part number is linked from the JobHead.PartNum to the Part table when creating a new JobOper.

Try looking in the forum for bpm code examples so you can try and modify them to your needs.