Changing PartOpr.CommentText value

When we originally ported our data from another ERP service to Epicor, a few of these CommentText fields wound up with a lot of extra spaces added. Is there a form within Epicor I should use to change this? Can I use DMT to update the PartOpr table? I don’t see it as an option anywhere.

For modifying PartOpr in DMT use the Engineering Bill Of Operations program. you’ll need an ECOGroupID.

Which table should I look at to get the right ECOGroupID? The box in Part Display is blank for the part I’m trying to update, but the PartRev record for the part does have an ECOGroup value, but when I entered that in DMT I got a “Record not available” error.

You’ll need to either create one or use one that already exists. Whoever in your company takes care of creating and maintaining Part Revisions can either set one up for you OR give you an existing one to use.

In Epicor, go to Production Management > Engineering > General Operations > Engineering Workbench to see what’s in there… the actual ECOGroups are stored in the ECOGroup table (field is ECOGroup.GroupID) Don’t just pick one at random, your engineers might get upset with you.

This is from memory, but here is the idea:
The process I’ve used is to export the data with a BAQ and open the data in Excel. You will need the following fields from PartOpr: Company, PartNum, RevisionNum, AltRev, OprSeq, and CommentText.
In Excel, do a search and replace for double space with single space over and over until there are no more doubles.
Update the colum names to match the actual field names (not the label).
Add a column called ECOGroupID and populate it with a value that is the same for ALL records.
Save your Excel file.
In DMT, open the ECO Operation import and select this file. It should import and update the values.
Lastly, in Engineering Workbench, open that group ID and use the menu to select Approve All and Check In All.