Transfer Order Help PLEASE

I am trying to help the users to properly use the Transfer Order Workbench and then create jobs. I stuck on the create Jobs part. I firmed a new TO suggestion on the TO workbench. I see it in Time Phase. What and how to I convert that to to a Job. Will MRP create the job for the TO? Does anyone have some good instructions to properly use TO’s through the systems.

Thanks Kim

We don’t use the TO workbench, but here’s some bullet points on TO’s
(note that we use them to build in one plant(A), ship to another(B) - where the final shipment is made. No production happens in plant B)

  • Because TO’s can only be stock to stock, a P/N (with qty bearing) is created
  • The Order entry must specify the source of the line item be Plant B’s Inventory
  • A TO Entry is created in Plant B, requesting from Plant A (where it is actually manufactured)
  • The TO request shows up as a demand from Plant A’s inventory, so a Build to Stock Job is created. We do this in Job Manager (so its not really automatic for us)
  • The completed Job is received into stock in Plant A
  • A TO Shipment is created to move items from Plant A’s stock to Plant B’s.