Transfer Warehouse to New Plant

So we are creating a 2nd plant and I am getting an error when trying to TEST Transfer my Warehouses.

Does Inventory need to be zero before I do this?

here is the error I am getting…

So you’re trying to move warehouse “EXCHANGE” from plant “Main Plant” to plant “Aftermarket plant”?

I’d have thought that inventory would need to be zero. But maybe not. Are there any GL Controls that warehouse EXCHANGE is using in plant Main, that might not be able to exist in plan AfterMarket?

No the ones labled AfterMarket I am trying to move.

No GL controls. I wasn’t sure if Inventory needed to be zero or not.

Have you successfully moved any?

No. I have not zero’d out inventory yet. I was going to try that next in my test.

Beyond the zero QOH, makesure there’s nothing pending (Transfer orders, PO receipts, etc …). They might “lock” the movement too.

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OK thanks

Did you try the “Test Transfer” button?

yes that is when I get the error.

It almost looks like it doesn’t like doing a transfer with no Resources being selected. Like it won’t allow transferring just a warehouse by itself. See what you get if you transfer a resource too

I have no resources to transfer. I have done this before at previous company with not issue. I may have zero’d out QTY but can’t remember.

Hi Kimberley,

Did you solve this? I’m trying to do the same thing and getting the same error, even when I add empty dummy warehouses and resources.