Troubleshoot Dashboard

I have a UBAQ that works. I can update the field I want to update (ClassID) in the BAQ. I created an updateable Dashboard, checked Updateable, prompt ClassID and cannot get changes to stick. Also, when I right click, I can copy, etc. but Paste Update is not an option. I’ve tried deploying the dashboard as a favorite and am not seeing it in my favorites. I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks.

PartClass.dbd (97.8 KB)
DV_PartClass.baq (28.2 KB)

When you check Add Favorite item the menu item is made at the bottom of the PROCESS group in menu maintenance. You can change the parent and sequence from there to have the deployed dashboard on the menu.

I could not import your dashboard. I got a CSF set to US error, but I was able to test the ubaq.

Once you have the deployed dashboard on the menu it should allow for copy to excel and paste update, unless you have grouping turned on.

Also I would turn off allow new record as that might cause a lot of fun if you are pasting.

Can you walk though the steps of how you deployed the dashboard? (Screen shots if possible) From deploying in the dashboard menu, then the menu item you created.

My hunch is you made the menu item as a runtime dashboard and not an assembly. But without seeing what you did, we really can’t know.

Thanks for the suggestions. It was ok this morning. Maybe logging out and in helped or maybe I just missed something since it was the end of the day yesterday. Everything is working now as expected.