Trying to update QuoteQty.SellingQty value when user changes QuoteDtl.SellingExpQty

Our users say that the 3 quantity fields in Quote Entry (QuoteDt.OrderQty, QuoteDtl.SellingExpectedQty, QuoteQty.SellingQty) are always the same value for us. They put the quantity in all 3 fields, and if they forget, it causes an issue. I saw in Company Configuration that I could default the QuoteDtl.OrderQty value from the QuoteDtl.SellingExpectedQty, so I did that. That’s two out of three so far. Still need the third field to update.

I am not having any success in writing a BPM to update the QuoteQty.SellingQty though. I’ve tried both data and method directives, and they do run (I put in a messagebox to test) but they do not update the field. To be fair, I hadn’t even heard of the QuoteQty table until this morning, and I’ve only ever done very simple BPM’s, so I’m not sure how to do this. I’ve read threads all day long, but nothing I’ve tried is updating that field. Which is the correct directive type to use for this? And if it’s a method, which method? I noticed that in Method Directives for the BO.Quote I can use both tables inside the directive, so I thought that was the way to go, but if it is, I did it wrong. And there are no tt tables in the - now I can’t remember, but I believe it was in Method Directives. Not sure if that matters.

A straight answer would be amazing, but even just telling me one surety (Data vs. Method, for example) would be helpful.

Thanks for your time.

I am thinking that the method would be the way to go. Since the quantity is apparently stored in multiple tables (which is confusing to me also). I would think you should do it pre-processing. In the method directive, I would set the field in both places. I’m going to try it on my end and see how it goes.

Appreciate you, Dan. I’ve tried a few pre-processing directives - without success. I’m still working on it though.

Admittedly, I’m not familiar with price breaks and how that interacts with the quote when you’re writing one up. I did a Pre-processing on Quote.Update and it updated the SellingExpectedQty when I updated the OrderQty field. However, it did not set the QuoteQty.SellingQty field. Is it supposed to? I take that it is supposed to indicate any quantities at which a price break occurs. If you change the quantity, you don’t necessarily want to affect the price break, do you?

No, I don’t think so. We use order based value discounts it looks like, not quantity. That’s from here, right?

So you’re having the same issue? I only need the QuoteQty.SellingQty field to update - the others are already updating when the user enters a value in QuoteDtl.ExpectedSellingQty. So how do you update a field from another table’s field?

This is what I did.

I am able to do that part. It’s the QuoteQty.SellingQty field that I can’t seem to update. Where would you start on that?

I would have thought this was an easy method directive on Quote Update, similar to other BPMs I have done on that BO. But, when I tried it, the ttQuoteQty table did not get any data at all. That table can have multiple rows for each row of QuoteDtl, and maybe that is why it doesn’t work for me either, using my simple widget based approach. If you don’t get a solution from someone more knowledgable, I could try a few other approaches and see if I can get it to work.

Thanks, @alintz. There’s also a QuoteQty.QtyNum that exists for each line, so it may be something to do with that. Looks like they start at 1 and can increment from there, but I ran a BAQ and all of mine are 1’s.

We’ll see how far I get today! :slight_smile:

There is something odd about that QuoteQty table. It has both an OurQuantity and SellingQuantity. Data Dictionary describes SellingQuantity as “Represents one of the requested Quote Quantities for the line item using QuoteQty.SUM.” Maybe you want to change OurQuantity, and then the SellingQuantity will get itself updated?

I think I tried that yesterday, but I will try again. One of those fields I believe is the total quantity requested on the Sales order, then the other one is what goes out on each release…actually I may be confusing this now with another issue I was working on yesterday. I’m going to have to pull them up again to check. I’ll let you know if OurQuantity does anything.

Did you ever get this sorted out? Sorry I hit send on my last response and then left for vacation.

Mornin! No, that elusive QuoteQty.SellingQty field is hard to update! I had to pause on it on Friday so I’ll be picking it back up this week. The other two fields I was able to sync, but not the QuoteQty field. Hope you had a fun vacation, @dr_dan!

I wanted to circle back. One thing I have noticed is that if you enter the Expected Quantity first, the Order Quantity field updates to match it (I don’t think we have any kind of BPM in place… I think that’s just the base logic).
Also, the QuoteQty table appears to be there for price breaks structured to the quote. What is your price break structure like? It looks like you get 1 in there automatically for both the SellingQuantity and OurQuantity fields. So, if you don’t need to change that, you don’t need to update it.

If it’s doing that, it’s because you guys have the checkbox checked in Company Configuration. We do too now.

Our QuoteQty fields do default to 1, then users have to update the qty and the unit price. Honestly, it was just something we were going to do to make the 3 fields the same since they always are, apparently. If it wasn’t super difficult and time-consuming. But how hard is it to just enter the # in 2 spots? Not that hard. I have waaaay more important things on my to-do list lol. I had the fields highlighted after one holds a value, and turned on the above setting - I feel like that’s good enough for now. Haha. My executive decision right there. :slight_smile:

Hi, I know its been a while but did you have any luck in getting this working?

A good trace from form open to save ought to tell us everything we need to know if they didn’t.