Two Parts with the Same Customer Part #?

My customer wants a slightly modified item, which we created a different part number for…for example:

FG0000 - Cust Part 1234
FG0001 - Cust Part 1234

  • but the customer wants to have their part number identified with each one. How can this be achieved?

Hm… Could you do two different Revisions of the same part? But even then, they’d have to tell you which one they really want when placing the order. Unless they are discontinuing the first one, if so, you can just remove your FG0000 from the cross reference and add FG0001.


I want to stay away from revisions as I can’t see revisions in MRP.

Ok, but you’ll have to deal with the “Which one are they really ordering?” question if they want two active parts with the same cross-reference.

Randy is right. The slightly difference, makes it a different part and if you do not want to deal with revisions, your customer should provide you a different partid as a reference. Otherwise, you do not know which of the two to produce.

We do not use it, but maybe using the Alternate method of production could be an option?
(I am not sure… if this works with same rev… )


We now support Part Revision in MRP… so this could be a solution. MRP would then plan by part X, rev A vs part A rev B…

This is as of Kinetic 2022.2

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Is there an additional license for planning by revision?


Thank you – in this case, the customer does not want to order a different part. I think that’s not a good idea to not issue a new part number.



“It’s okay. They’ll just add a note …”


I believe that planning by revision requires an additional license.

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Does the MRP Maintenance we pay for a decade, get us anything anymore :slight_smile: Whats with these micro licenses.

Planning Contracts?