Tying DMR/RMA to Shipment


I’ve been assisting with a little more work in Epicor 9 for my company and am searching for info on making shipments related to RMA/DMR processing. We currently use misc shipment entry…but it seems like there should be something more connected?

Misc shipment is what you do to show that the part has been sent out and you can add a tracking number. Misc shipment is more of a log file as the actual transaction to deplete inventory is when you fail the part. Timephase will show some additional info.

I think the issue we are having is tying everything back to a DMR or RMA, so people aren’t looking all through the system to see if items have been shipped back to manufacturers etc. People are going in to DMR processing to figure out what stage it’s in, but there doesn’t seem to be a fluid way to tie the shipment directly to the DMR so it’s more obvious where we are in the process. Would timephase show additional information?

Timephase just shows actual transactions. Misc ship is not a transaction so would not be shown.

@dpassenant We added fields for the misc pack id and tracking number to the DMR tracker along with a button to launch the carrier tracking site.
We also added a delimited field for extra DMRs to the misc shipment since we will ship a bunch of DMRs together in the same package.

When the misc shipment tracking number goes from blank to filled in the bpm triggers and puts the pack id and tracking number on all of the related DMRs

This was all done years ago in 9, but I could not find the custom or abl code for it when I looked today and my 9 system has not been started in a while, but if you are interested and someone could use the C# that was converted from abl to go back to abl you are welcome to it.

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That would be great!

Thank you!

So I fired up the E9 dev server and was able to get it to run so these are the e9 customizations and bpms for the process. The nice thing about e9 having all of the predefined fields is that this should load without errors. Make sure you are not using any of the same fields as this, but that would be easy to change once loaded. According to my notes MscShpHd uses Character01, DMRActn uses Number01, ShortChar01 and CheckBox01. DMRHead uses Date01, 02, 03 for another process.

update dmr.bpm (31.7 KB)
DMR abl and code.txt (7.2 KB)
misc ship more dmrs.xml (22.8 KB)
dmr customization.xml (135.9 KB)

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Thank you!!