Job Entry - Adding BAQ Combo Box for UD Field

With adding a new UD field in “PART_UD”. I was tasked with adding the new UD field onto the “Job Entry” form on the main job tab for “job/part”. Below is my steps:

  1. Created new BAQ
  2. Joined Job Head and Part tables based on part and company fields
  3. Navigated to job entry as developer
  4. Chose a BAQ Combo box and added it to the main form
  5. Filled out “Display Member” as Part.SkidProgram_c
  6. Filled out “Dynamic Query Id” as RAS_JobEntry_Skid_Program_C
  7. Filled out “Value Memeber” as Part.SkidProgram_c

Now the problem is that when i search for a job the new combo box does not display the specific “Skid_Program_C” value for that job/part, it shows all the values in a drop down. What can i do for the new field or the BAQ to where the value is specific to the job?

Go to the BAQ Combo control and specify an EpiBinding to Skid_Program_C. This assumes the Skid_Program_C was added to JobHead. By doing this when a combo selection is made and saved it will write the value to this field and present it properly in the future.

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Skid_Program_C is part of the PART table not JobHead. Would i still be able to reference the PART_UD field in the job form?

If you are looking to store the value selected in the Combo on Job Entry to a UD field in the part table that will require a little work. Would you not want to save that value with the JobHead table so it is unique? If you have multiple jobs that reference the same part they could have different values and the latest value would be the only one stored.


We do something similar here at Jones Camden. I do it code but to do it the way you are asking, you’ll need to add this criteria to your BAQ:
PartNum = [EpiBinding:JobHead.PartNum]