UD fields and publish/subscribe

I’m trying to make a series of dashboards in order to customize a dashboard to make a tabbed screen. We are using UD fields and I want the tabs to follow along just like the it does for example in order enry, or PO entry, where you pick a line and the line details on the next tab follows along.

The only way this seems to work is through the dashboard browse settings, which is buggy at best, sometimes it will work, sometimes is won’t and I can’t figure out the pattern why. Is there a more dependable way to pass along publish subscribe data through dashboards?

To give you a sense of what I am trying to do, I have a list of jobs, and we created an object called a lift, which is basically a group of parts that are in the job. Then these lifts get assigned to trucks and shipped. So it’s hierarchical data. I want to show the list of jobs that aren’t shipped yet, publish the job number to the list of lifts that are on that job (that part I have working) and then publish the job and lift number (or Unique lift ID) to the next dashboard that has all of the parts listed.

There has to be a way to do this.

Did you ever figure out how to do this?

Not in the way I originally envisioned. I ended up simplifying the design to one tracker and one row of tabs. The way dashboards works, you can’t have multiple levels of tabs. I tried to get it to work by customizing and embedding dashboards, but I couldn’t get that to work right, so I ended up with one dashboard and with the queries that I needed to get it to nest correctly.

This works ok, although after a while of using it the pub/sub part of the dashboard glitches and you have to close and re-open it, but otherwise it seems to work pretty well.

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