UD Table as Child, New UD not working and no error

I am a Cloud Client. We have a customization that has previously been working, but the update to 10.2.600.5 seems to have broken this.
We added a UD Table as a Child and have it as an epiUltraGrid on a form. I can paste/insert or paste/update without a problem. I can tab off the last column of the last row and a new row populates.
When I go to New, New PG Line (I renamed New UD01 to New PG Line in the script to be more meaningful to my users), nothing happens and no error occurs.

I changed the script from:

this._edvUD01.AddText = “New PG Line”;
this._edvUD01.AddText = “New UD01”;

And now the New, New UD01 functionality works. I have done this customization to both quote entry and order entry. It seems to be working in Order entry OK (adding a new line at the END of the list), but for my Quote entry it adds a new line at the TOP of the list. How do I correct the Quote entry so that a New UD01 line appears at the Bottom of the list?

Is there a new way to change the text on the New drop down list so that I can make it more meaningful for users without breaking the functionality?
I am pretty weak with code, so any pointers would be helpful.

You made the right change, but there is an additional section. Look for the text “addNewNew UD01” in the tool click event.

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@Jason_Woods, because I want the New line to be listed as “New PG Line”, I changed the text in both locations in the script and now it seems to function, mostly. For my quote form, it adds the new line to the TOP of the List (epiUltraGrid of my UD table as a child) and for the Order form it adds the new line to the BOTTOM of the list. I want both to add to the BOTTOM of the list.

I played around with this a bit. I cleared the grid sort, then the new line pulled in on the bottom, however there does not seem to be any logic behind the order of the line. I would have thought is would have been on Key 5, but it is not. If I sort on Key 5, the sort functionality only looks at the first digit, so it orders as 1, 10, 11, 12, 13, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. How can I get this line sort to be in the chronological order they were added (or correctly ordered on Key 5, so that 10 comes after 9 as opposed to after 1)?

You will need to fill a number field with the same value and sort by that, or pad zeroes at the beginning of Key5.

Jason Woods