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A certain Stock Part is giving us some issues. The CSR creates the order and puts in this part, then an UnFirm Job is created. This unfirm Job then has to be deleted in order to ship the product. But since it is a Stock part, we don’t do specific jobs for the specific part. So when we hit “Ship All” in shipping, it doesn’t pull that line and causes issues. Interestingly, this is the only part doing this and I cannot figure out why. Anyone have some ideas?

Look in the Part Master program for that part number, make sure “NonStock” on the lower right of the window is NOT checked. Also look on the Sites tab to be sure the “NonStock” checkbox there (mid-right of the window) is clear as well.

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I checked those already and still have the issue. I ran a BAQ to make sure I wasn’t missing anything and everything is correct, as per to the NonStock.

Look on the Order Release tab. Is the “Make Direct” box checked? In default processing, that is the only way MRP will create an unfirm job, and by default that will be selected on NonStock parts. It can, however, be selected manually (or via customization/BPM).


On the one order I am looking at, it shows the check box by Firm Release checked, but Make to Order and Buy To Order are both unchecked. Would the firm Release be causing this problem?

No. Firm Release just tells Epicor that this order is gonna happen and it better have the part available.

Next thing to check is the on-hand quantity. Is there enough to satisfy this order (along will all other demands on this part within the time frame)?

Is the unfirm job a make-to-order or make-to-stock?

Actually, I went through all lines of the order, and noticed one of them did in fact have the Make direct checked. So, I think that was the issue.

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Is that the line that the unfirm job was created for? Look at the job itself in Job Tracker, and on the bottom of the window it will show the Demand Summary and list the Order, Line, and Release it was created for.

They already deleted the unfirm job, so nothing is showing up. And since it is a stock item, there will not be any jobs to go to specifically for this order.

If the Make Direct flag was checked, the job will be created by MRP whether or not it is a stock part.

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To bring back to life this old thread:

One part when brought in Order Entry automatically selects Make Direct. According to the Help Files it says the this happens when its not found in the Part Master Table and the Company Config is set for Make Direct. However, it is in the Part Master table. So not sure why its automatically going to Make Direct.

The following have been triggers for this from what we’ve seen in our system:

Check to make sure the Part master and all Part Plant records don’t have the Non-Stock checkbox checked, and all have the Qty Bearing checkbox checked.

Check that the Part has a valid PartPlant record in the site you’re trying to sell the part from.

Check the Part’s Product Group and see if there’s a “Sales Site” defined. If you try to sell the part from a site other than this one, it will default to make direct.

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One other thing, check that the part number entered on sales order line is EXACTLY the same as the part master. We had something like this when use placed an extraneous space at beginning or end of part number on sales order or in part master. You could copy and paste the sales order line part number into a dummy line to get it exact… if it doesn’t default in part description on sales order line, it’s not matching part master part number.


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