Unfirmed Jobs Created Even Though A Firmed Job Is Present

Hello, we have our finished goods with a “days of supply” set at 5. I get unfirmed job suggestions even if I have a firmed job already covering the demand. I assume it’s doing this because of my “days of supply” being set for a job every 5 days. Is there a way around this ? Or, do I just need to make the “DOS” a longer time period ?

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Hi Kevin,

Now that I started this reply, I cant remember if DOS went by calendar days or work days… maybe try 7 days ?


  1. What does it mean when referenced by “no calendar”?
    '“no calendar” means wall calendar or 7 day/24 hour week (24X7)
  2. What calendar does MRP refer to when these fields are being utilized?
Field Calendar
Transfer Lead Time No Calendar
Purchasing Lead Time Suplier Calendar or Plant Calendar if no Supplier Calendar available
Purchasing Forecast Time No Calendar
Urgent Planning Lead Time Urgent Supplier Calendar or Plant Calendar if no Urgent Supplier
Planning Time Fence No Calendar
Reschedule in Delta No Calendar
Days of Supply No Calendar
Start Min Lead Time No Calendar
Short Horizon Days No Calendar
Shor Horizon Days of Supply No Calendar
Production Prep Buffer Supplier Calendar

|Receive Time|Plant calendar or wall calendar if no plant calendar present
|Kit Time|Supplier Calendar

@Kevin71 are you running MRP with allowing historical dates? are the New MRP suggestions in the past or in the future?
Is your current firm job in the past or Future?

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DOS is not the direct cause of this. More than likely, you have a scheduling issue where you have new demand that is needed BEFORE the jobs that you have are scheduled to finish. The system tries to make up the difference if it sees you are running short.
Another reason why new jobs are sometimes created instead of getting jobs rescheduled is because sometimes people LOCK the schedule.

FYI… “Locking the schedule” basically tells MRP to NOT reschedule the job even if you need the parts sooner. but this leaves MRP in a no-mans-land of a quandary…

  1. I cant reschedule the job
  2. SO… lets make a new job that finishes BEFORE the job that is already on the floor.

This actually makes no sense, but, “the Lock Wins” and takes precedence over logic.


Craig, we do not have “allow historical dates” check marked while running MRP. The new suggestions are in the future. Current firm job in the future. W hat we are trying to do is build some stock but the system still thinks I need a job every 5 days (DOS set at 5).

Hi Tim, my firmed job is not locked. We are trying build stock so I firmed up a larger job than normal. The system still adds an unfirmed job right after my firmed job.

can you send a screen shot of time phase inquiry for the part number in question.

Craig, here is a screenshot of what I am talking about. I have a firmed job (FRM00013428) but the system places an unfirmed job nearby. I did change the DOS to 7 and ran MRP but it still looks the same.

what does it look like with Suggestions on?

With suggestions on it asks to postpone (delete) the 37,000 pc firmed job (which is what it should do). My issue is the unfirmed job.

can you click the suggestions box and send the time phase screen shot please.

Another observation, your forecast amounts are not decrementing. What are your forecast parameters, days before and after ? Odd a forecast on 5/25 for 0 with a T at the end ??? Do you have a cutoff date on MRP ??

Sorry for all the questions…


FCST parameters are zero days before and 5 days after. The forecast you see with T at the end, the T is the first letter in our customers name. I cut it off. No cut off date in MRP.

Thank You

Mmmmm The very end of the time Phase = 0 bal ?

Is there a Min On hand value set? you should be able to see that at the top of Time phase window.

No, it has me +19,198

No min value on hand set.