Unicode Symbols on Reports - Help Needed

We have a request to get Unicode characters for GD&T symbols to show on our op comments. We can copy-paste them into the comments or use alt codes to get them entered. But they do not show correctly on the report.

Has anyone done this in the past and know how to get these to show properly?

And that means? Tiny blocks, missing?

When we wanted to put colors, etc. into SSRS reports, we:

  • Create a “shortcut” for the replacement
  • Created VB function in SSRS to replace our shortcuts with the equivalent HTML
  • Made sure the TextBox had HTML enabled in the SSRS designer

Alternately, you could enter the HTML entity instead of using alt-codes or copy/pasta.

For example, use:

To get: ↧ use:


But the users may not want to add that, that’s why you might create your own entity like:


Which is a little more readable. Then use a VB function in your SSRS report to translate the value. Just a replace statement to convert the string to the equivalent HTML entity. As long as the placeholder in your SSRS has HTML enabled, then it should work.

So currently the items show up when printed as a square. But if you copy-paste the square into a Word document it shows the proper character

Where? On the report PDF?

Correct on the PDF report


So with us being in gov cloud, I do not have access to check this. I’ll put in a ticket and see if that gets things moving. Thanks @klincecum for the recommendation!

Just change the font in the report itself to one that supports unicode.

Or do Mark’s HTML solution.


Oh, got it! I was using Arial but I just realized it has an extremely narrow scope for characters.

I was also testing Mark’s idea which is where the box situation was coming from.