Updatable BAQ for UDtable, Force today date/time to Date01

I am using UDtable to hold data from user to save. I want Date01 to have the date/time of the save.

Maybe it is not the proper way to do this (besides using a BPM…) but I saw the expression editor, thinking it would do the trick. But I get an error…

Both types are DateTime… I do not understand why the error…

Can someone enlight me or direct me to the better way to proceed?

Thank you.


You don’t need to have the first half of that. UD28.Date01 is already what you are setting. Just do the BpmFunc.Now() in the calculated field.

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Thank you ! That did it !

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Well, although BpmFunc.Now() is supposed to return date and time, the time stays at 12:00.
instead of 13:12. How can I make sure the time is correctly captured ?
I noticed the UD27.Date01 is specified as Date by default as format setting, (to show, I added Date02 without change)

I changed it to DateTime.

But the update settings does not seem to follow…

I guess that is why the time is not properly captured in the field.

How can I show the time with the date then in a Date UD field?

@Hogardy I think getdate() will set the date and time

GetDate doe not work in there…

And I did test BpmFunc.Now().ToString into a ShortChar03 firld and it gave me the full date and time info correctly… So it is not the function the issue, but the field formatting…I think…


it’s the type of field that’s in the database. You’ll need to add your own UD column if you want the time as well.

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I can’t remember for certain, it would need to be tested, but I think for datetime UD columns you can use the sql getdate() in the initial value field to default that without needing a bpm