Upgrade from 10.2.200 to 10.2.600

Dear all,

Could you please help me understand how upgrades work in EPICOR?

  1. We are at 10.2.200 -> will it be a one step upgrade to 600 or do we need to follow a path of upgrading one version at a time?
  2. How does the testing happen - Do we test only the impacted functionalities? If so where can we find the impacted functionalities?
  3. Can anyone share a checklist that can used as a baseline?
  4. I am still confused with update and upgrade and I am wondering if what we should be doing an upgrade. Will EPICOR fees increase with the upgrade?

I know I am throwing too many generic questions here, please excuse me, I am new to EPICOR world and trying to learn.


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  1. You can upgrade from 10.2.200 to 10.2.600. Check up the Release Upgrade Guide Epicor ERP 10.x to 10.2.600.x on Epicweb

2/3. Your company is responsible for testing, although you could engage Epicor or an Epicor VAR to assist. So make sure you have a good test plan. You also have the ability to use the ERP Analyzer tool that will help you identify any non standard customization here’s a link to another post How do you keep track of your changes/customizations to Epicor? - #28 by SteveFossey
4. Upgrade is from one major release to another eg. 10.2.200 to 10.2.600, update is within that particular major release eg. to 10.2.200 17. Unless you are adding additional licenced modules to your system, then your maintenance should not increase, however always check with your CAM. Disclaimer I am not an Epicor Partner, and don’t work for Epicor.

As this is the first time you are doing this, and I don’t know your teams technical ability, then I would be engaging with Epicor or a Partner or a Consultant to run through the mechanics of the project and plan it out so you have have a good framework for future upgrades. Most importantly give yourself plenty of time and have meaningful and sensible deadlines. Finally If you are not happy at any stage don’t be afraid to put your hand up and state the reasons why.

There are plenty of posts on upgrading here on E10 help. I’ve added a few other things below.

The first steps I would take a close look at the release notes with regards to patches between the last patches of each major release. There is an excel spreadsheet attached to each one which allows you to look at each fix, and the version/patch it was applied to. You will see some overlap in each major release, it is worth looking at.

The next thing is to take a look at the “What’s new” for each major release. Kenetic UI gets a big update in 10.2.600. So you will want to be aware of that. Just a reminder 10.2.700 was released last month so It might be worth investigating 10.2.700 if you have not started the 10.2.600 process.

If you have Epicor Embedded Education there is a Delta course on the changes also. You may be able to ask your CAM for a copy, I don’t recall it being available on Epicweb anywhere.


@knash - Just saw a post where you upgraded from 10.2.200 to 10.2.600. Do you have any documents explaining the new functionalities and the test cases that you performed?

We review the documents from Epicor to understand the application changes.

Business Users then test screens/dashboards/reports assigned to them.

We then run end to end testing of business case scenarios. (New build order/New parts order/RMA…)

I can share the document we use as a base for testing. It might not cover all of the ways you use Epicor.

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They key pieces to a successful upgrade for me are

  • Knowing the company business process.
  • Identify the needs to have functions.
    • See if the needs are broke as shit.
    • Test test test them over and over with as many scenarios as you can. (Think quote to cash can we get money in and out)
  • Look at the wants to have functions.
    • Do minimal testing just to see if things are working under normal circumstances and call that good.

Also use as a time to clean up old stuff no one is using anymore. Amazing how many customization I’ve deleted since E9 probably more than I’ve created in recent years to be honest. That would depend on how green the company is to Epicor.


Good thread:


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And on that note also validate the NEEDS, THINK NEEDS, and WANTS to reduce the above risk LOL


This. :point_up:

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We are not heavy on customisations -> got some 15 BPM’s and 17 custom SSRS reports. What will happen to these BPM’s and reports? Do we have to recreate them or they are automatically upgraded?

We do have BPML and I wanted to check if we need to execute test cases for all processes covering all scenarios or just the process that are impacted with the upgrade.

They should upgrade, but you need to test the upgrade process and then the resultant system . There is a difference between an upgraded system and one that is upgraded and tested.