Upgrade to 10.2.300 Error

I did open a ticket with Epicor but still waiting to here so I will see if anyone else knows what to do with this error.

I was following the Upgrade documentation and successfully upgraded my Database in Database server management in the Admin cosole. I started upgrading the Appserver under Server Management and it failed. I can browse to the location but the file it is looking for does not exist. Not sure how to fix this…

We haven’t gone to 10.2 yet but from what I’ve read, you may need to delete and recreate appserver rather than upgrade. That differs from the documentation.

I did delete and then you add and do an upgradge

Epcior sent me serveral fixes to trying saying that I may need to disable the BPM. 2 questions

1> Should all BPM’s be disabled before you upgrade?

2> The step that would work for me is the following
(Forced to remove by EPICOR)

The folder the web.config file is stored in is set to READ ONLY. I am a in the local admin group on the server and used my credentials to install everything. I have updated several revision with no problem. The Admin group shows full control.

Any help?


  1. From personal experience for every upgrade I have done since the base 10.1 version all the way up until I have never disabled the BPM’s prior testing an base/patch upgrade. With the application server being off or removed during the time of the deployment, I never found a need to worry about them. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to disabled them as long as you remember to enable all of them before production starts.

  2. I would copy out the web.config and modify it then overwrite the pre-existing one.

I can’t overwrite it that is my problem.

But yes, I will definitely disable before updating now.

I had similar when i tried to upgrade a test server. I deleted the app server and installed a new one to recover but still had issues so aborted the upgrade. We are still on 10.2.100.

Good luck with the rest of the upgrade.


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I’ve found with config files that even when you can’t update them in place, if you copy them out to the desktop or somewhere, re-save them there with the same name and copy them back to the original folder, often it WILL accept the new version overwriting the old.

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Thanks that worked but now a new error. I guess there are some things that should be disabled prior to upgradeing…I never saw that in documentation.

Here is the new error.


Sorry, that’s now getting a bit beyond me!

At first sight, I’d look and see whether the Epicor user (not you) has the necessary permissions, but it might simply be a problem that only Epicor themselves can sort out.

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Try using a custom application pool account.

Sorry I don’t know what you mean by that.