Upgrading 10.1.500 site to 10.1.600

I apologize if this has already been asked but currently my situation as follows:

“Site is on version 10.1.500.8 and wants to upgrade to 10.1.600.12”

  1. Built test environment to match production
  2. Installed based version 10.1.500.0 from “RL ISO File”
  3. Created database instance and app server instance
  4. Checked IIS connections
  5. Upgraded app server to version 10.1.500.8
  6. Took backup of current prod database and restored it over template database
  7. Restarted server, opened admin console and app server connected correctly and recognized version
  8. Was able to log into E10 software and all configurations from production where present
  9. Next i downloaded the RL version 10.1.600.0 ISO
  10. Installed it and then opened admin console and was prompted for both database and app to apply updates to be compatible with version 500
  11. Updates where installed and then I deployed a base version of 10.1.600 for the app server
  12. Now after a successfully deploy I receive the error:

Not Connected.

Application Server version has not been verified. Review the Error Message below to troubleshoot your connection issue. It may indicate you need to manually install a newer version of the Administration Console to connect or that it is not supported.

Error Message:
The requested service, ‘net.tcp://wpe10test.jonesplastic.com/WPTestDB/Ice/BO/UserFile.svc’ could not be activated. See the server’s diagnostic trace logs for more information.

Attempted Solutions:

  1. Restart Server and connect again to app server
  2. Redeploy the app server with windows authentication or custom IIS app pool account

In the past i have seen this error be related to the application pool user.

Ok I think I found my problem. Here are the steps I took:

  1. Install admin console for version 600 under supplemental installs
  2. Remove database from console
  3. Closed console
  4. Opened console and selected to register existing database
  5. Was prompted to select version 500 or 600 (chose 600)
  6. Browsed to database and made deployment directory = 600
  7. Database was recognized and then I clicked upgrade Epicor database and its now going through upgrade process

Hopefully this is what I missed.



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@Chris_Conn I’m glad where at different sites…


Well I thought I was getting somewhere but it seems after removing the database and the app server and re-registering them as 600 versions. When registering the app server I receive this error:

The requested service, ‘net.tcp://wpe10test.jonesplastic.com/WPTestDB/Ice/Lib/SessionMod.svc’ could not be activated. See the server’s diagnostic trace logs for more information.

So after you re-added the Database as 10.1.600.x, did you then do Upgrade Database?

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Assuming your database upgrade was good, did you try going to IIS and entering the username & password for the App pool, assuming you have an account to use for this? Sometimes the EAC does not show what the App Pool is using. Is there more information in the Windows event log?

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Oddly enough I had to do an IISRESET via cmd and was able to connect then to my app server and have the version verified. Guess it was some odd cache instance.

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