Appserver Upgrade Problem

We started upgrading our last environment that was on version 10.1.400.10 to 10.1.500.9. We followed the steps in the release guide that had us remove the 10.1.400 application server, then we re-added it using the ‘register existing app server’ clicked on ‘register’ then went into appserver config and changed the deployment directory to the 10.1.500.0 and set the deployment version to 10.1.500.9 and checked our other settings, then clicked on ‘deploy’ after it finished and we closed EAC and then reopened it, we keep getting the below error and the appserver won’t connect. All other environments connect and we even restarted the server which didn’t change anything. Does anyone have an idea as to what is causing the below error?


Do you see any other errors on the EventViewer?

This is the only other one. These two keep repeating at the times we try to connect to the environment.

One other note, the application pool does start for the environment that won’t connect. Heres a picture of the error we get inside of EAC.

Did you first deploy 10.1.500.0 in the admin console, then go back and deploy 10.1.500.9?

If I remember correctly, it is a two step process.

No we selected the 10.1.500.9 and then deployed it as I understand it you can go right to 10.1.500.9. Another note also is we haven’t upgraded the database for this environment yet. We were going to upgrade the Appserver first and then have it upgrade the database.

Could the database not being upgraded yest to 10.1.500.9 be the problem for the appserver not connecting?

Oh… you can’t do that, you ahve to upgrade the DB first then the App Server, the app server won’t connect to an out of date DB.

well when I right click on the database in EAC and then select “upgrade database” it gives me the below error. How do we get the database upgraded?

You need to load the 500 admin console right now you are running the 400.X Plugin. Did you Import the DB when Prompted at launch?

You should be following the 10x to 10.500 upgrade guide (if you aren’t)

Yes that guide is what we are using, and that picture is what we initially got as a prompt when upgraded our first 3 environments, but now when we open it we no longer get that prompt to upgrade the remaining database.

We have 4 environments, we upgraded 3 of them to 10.1.500.9 2 weeks ago. When we did that EAC prompted us to upgrade the databases when we opened up EAC ,so we selected those 3 but left 1 of them at 10.1.400.10. Now when we open EAC we no longer get the prompt to upgrade the reamining database. So I’m assuming it has to be done manually somehow? .

Remove the DB from the admin console
then add it again with the 500 plug in

is the 500 plug in found here? D:\Epicor\ERP10\ERP10.1.500.0\Updates\ERP10.1.500.9\SupplementalInstalls\AdministrationUpdates

No just remove the DB from the app server close admin console
re-launch it and register existing it should prompt you for the version. Pick 500 and upgrade

Is the deployment path the DBs current version or the new version? The instructions are a little confusing. The databases current version is 10.1.400 but obviously want to goto to 10.1.500

Point it to 500

yes sir that did it. Thank you Jose! DB is upgrading

Jose, we have EDI, what additional steps are needed to get EDI to work with our newly upgraded environments?

What wrong with it? is it not working it highly depends on what the issue is… is this an 9 to 10 EDI change? or a 10 to 10.1? etc…
I recommend you peruse the EDI Tech Ref and see that everything is setup correctly.

If EDI was working on version 10 and it was just migrated to 10.1, I know that there were some changes made to the demand files related to packages if I recall correctly.