Upgrading Question

I am looking to do my first ever Epicor Upgrade. And I ran the analyzer just to take a quick snapshot at what is going on with my system. One question came to mind, on BPM’s and upgrading. IS it the method or the data BPM that cause the most trouble in upgrading, or both? We only have 18 customization but about 70 BPM’s of various stripes. Trying to be prepared for what I can be prepared for.

I assume you mean an upgrade to E10 from some previous version?
Data/method BPM? I think it is both/either… on a case by case basis

When I have the time I like to rewrite using the newer tools.
I found the 4GL conversion tool was helpful in some cases

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Agree… We have had some pretty good luck with the code converter as
well. it usually gets us about 90%.

Andrew Fagan
Sonas Group, LLC
Sonas Intelligence LLC

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@bordway Actually, I am wanting to go from 10.1.400.19 to 10.2. From what I understand, there isn’t very many tools from Epicor for this conversion. But to be able to see what is in my system for sure, that is gold.