Uplift Customization - 10.1.600 to 10.2.400

So I have a pretty simple customization on UD100, UD100A and it also uses UD09 as a second child table.

When it comes over from 10.1.600 to 10.2.400 the grid is like half off the screen, starting at -400 or something like that. Plus the columns are all in a different order then what was saved into the customization, which was done at the time by changing it like you would a personalization, then save layout, then open the customization and make a tiny change before saving it.

Anyways… Looks easy enough to fix so I open up the customization and fix the grid placement. Saves and compiles fine. No errors on the verification. Then I go any to try to re-arrange the column order. Open it up, re-arrange, save layout, open customization, make small change and save. Close out, open it back up and the thing is blown up. The screen opens up as a deformed version of the standard UD form and then when you try to compile the code it gives you an gives the below error… But none of the code changed from what had compiled.

I retried these steps like 10 times with no luck. Anyone have any idea what I’m doing wrong? Or do I need to rebuild it?

Error: CS0246 - line 28 (155) - The type or namespace name ‘UD09Adapter’ could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

Thanks for the help.

First thing I do is to open customization maintenance and open this customization. Then click Actions > Show Custom Data.
On the second tab (control properties?) you can sort by property. I delete all:



Thanks, that helps with the grid.

But, when I try to save the screen layout into the customization it still blows it up every time. Any idea what would cause something like that to happen?

This sounds like it is failing to load the customization and going to the default layout. You need to make sure you have the UD09 adapter/BO assembly added to the form. If it is, then you might be missing the “using Ice.Adapter;” “using Ice.BO;”