Uploading employee travel expenses into project

We are in the middle of Epicor implementation and have questions about loading employee expenses into Project management. GL load for the journal entry is fine. Heard we can do this through DMT but was wondering if there is another way.
Want to essentially add these costs to the project WIP and offset expense recovery.
Any ideas?

You’re question is a little vague. You can enter them in the time and expense entry screen easy enough. If you format your file you can even use paste insert and insert a bunch of expenses at a time.

What level of automation are you looking for? What is it about DMT that makes that not a good option?

If you don’t have the expense module, you can use job adjustments to put travel expenses to a job tied to the project. It’s been a while since I’ve done that, but I believe they would fall into ODC costs, you can use either the project job or setup a job attached to the project. We would add a material called Travel and adjust costs against that material, using the expense report name and date as a reference.

Yes, we could enter them in by person and paste them in the lines, but we have many employees with many expense lines. For example: Jane would have 10 expense lines and John would have 20 expense lines, from our concur Expense download.