Embed URL link in email body of breaking and routing

Version 10.2.400.10

We are trying to embed a survey link in the email body of the outgoing email using breaking/routing. Seems pretty simple using HTML to accomplish this but we cannot seem to get it to work. We are using html code: a href = “surveycompanywebsite.com”> Click for Survey </a we don’t want the entire URL to display, just the “Click for survey” but the system and outlook is ignoring the code and highlighting it all bold and blue in the actual email.

I did find a similar post about this from 4 years ago and I’m just wondering if anyone has been able to find a better way to accomplish what we are trying to do.

Any help is appreciated,

Original Post from 2017:

Maybe resurrecting the following thread will get you going.

I posted on it asking if he ever got it working. Looks like a common issue that doesn’t seem to have a simple fix. Seems bizarre this was overlooked as HTML emails are very common. But based on my research so far, it doesn’t seem possible to do.

Unfortunately no, we did not. I am still interested in this however and would love to get it going if we figure it out! I submitted a support ticket with Epicor last year and they said it was not possible due to how APR handles fields and that it’s support of HTML was bare minimum. This was back in 10.2.500. I do have 10.2.700 in our Test database. I will check tomorrow when I am back in the office and see if they have made any changes to their support of HTML.

Thanks Bryan. We are working on a system at the 10.2.400 level so based on your feedback looks like this isn’t doable on this version.

Just a wild hack to try … Se what the following does in APR generated email:

<a href="" onclick="window.open('http://surveycowebsite.com/','_blank');"> Click for Survey</a>

Note that the strings in the window.open() function use single quotes. because they are inside the OnClick string.

Tried your code and it did not work. It just highlighted the ‘window.open’ area. I appreciate the help.