User Defined Methods


has anyone been using the user defined methods in the Kinetic Configurator, I use these a lot in the old style configurator, but haven’t quite managed to work them out in the new style.

I got excited when I saw the Kinetic Configurator Tech Ref Guide on EpicWeb but it still references the smart client forms.


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I had another play with this today and have figured it out, so if anyone is interested, here is how

using the on field changed or validating, just like previous, we get this

editing the expression

takes us to where we want to be

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Thanks for sharing Andy. Like you, I have used Config UD methods extensively in our configurators. Having just upgraded to Kinetic I have this to look forward to. We are using the Classic forms for now but will start converting all our configs in the new year.

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Is it something to look forward to?

Seriously though, how much of a change is it?

For me, it is quite a lot of work. All the user interfaces have to be rebuilt for starters. Then it’s a matter of finding out how to get things like Read-Only expressions, dynamic lists, BAQ lists, UD tables, lookup tables, etc, etc, working. I may be being over pessimistic but as Andy alluded to, there is not much in the way of documentation on the new Kinetic along with the App Studio that comes with it. We have played around with it a little and have already upgraded our Kinetic twice, to fix the bugs we found. I envisage getting most of the help I will need from here as more users take the plunge, but at the same time, I can understand why a lot of people are waiting.

The new interface, is of course different, it takes a bit of getting used to in the application studio, but is ok, when you get used to it.

My main complaint, is that you cant line up the checkboxes and fields, like you used to in E10, the fields are spaced out dependant on label size, which I find a bit messy.