User wants to only print 1 journal entry in a report. Is there something like that out there?


The user fond the Journal Listing which prints a report with all the info on it he wants except he would like to filter it down to a specific Journal Entry.

Is there a report out there like like already that I haven’t found?

If not, will it be better to try and add a filter to the Journal Listing to do that or create a new BAQ and user BAQ Report Designer to create the report?

Ant help is appreciated.



BAQ Report will be your best bet here.

You could download the CR version of the Journal Report, and modify it by adding a parameter. Then filter the sections to only display when JournalNum = Param

Create a new Report Style for Journal, to use the modified CR report. When it runs, it would prompt you for the Journal Num.


How do I do that?

Any info would be appreciated.

You’ll need the following:

  • Crystal Report Builder/Editor (the program I use is called “SAP Crystal Reports 2013”)
  • The CR runtime viewer. If you run any other Crystal reports you already have it.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Copy the Journal.rpt file (we have this from our V8 days) to the E10 App server to \servername\EpicorData\CustomReports
  2. Launch CR editor, and open the Journal.rpt file
  3. Save as Journal_JENum.rpt
  4. Add a Parameter Field as follows:

    5.Use the Report -> Select Expert -> Record … and setup as follows
  5. Use Section Expert to suppress Report Footer b
  6. Save and close CR editor
  7. Create a new Report Style for Journal, with the following:

Select that new style when running the Journal Report. and you’ll be prompted before it renders

You should get the report with just the one JE num (480 in my example)

Here’s the Journal_JENum.rpt file I made (if you don’t have a program to edit the CR).
Journal_JENum.rpt (29.5 KB)

I copied your Journal_JENum.rpt to my reportserver and created the style but it doesn’t show in the drop-down.

I have never used crystal before and not sure why it doesn’t show the report style.

If I change it to SQL Reporting, it shows the style in the drop-down. Is it possible my Epicor doesn’t have Crystal Reports enabled?

I create and modify all custom reports in Visual Studio 2015 if that helps. Is there a way to do the pop-up parameter in that?

  1. You’re probably not setup to use Crystal reports too. It’s in Company Maint

  2. I tried just adding a Parameter to the SSRS based report (I use SSRS Report Builder - the program included with SQL Server), but that didn’t seem to force the user to enter a value.

Try playing with that in Vis Studio.