Users Ad-Hoc Query Tool

How is everyone handling the request for a tool that users can use to query data from E10?
To limit access in BAQ would be an admin nightmare to control

the users typically do not need all the data from all the tables. Typically, the sales teams need sales data. Production needs production data, Purchasing and so on…
I like to create some dashboards for those depts based on their needs. Typically I create a dashboard that offers lots of summarized data, but then one of the tabs in the dashboard also provides the detailed entries. The user can apply filters to those details. If that isn’t enough, they can right-click and download to Excel for further work with pivot tables and other Excel tools.

I created a BAQ Utilities Menu, and a Power Users security group that has access to that menu.

Under the BAQ Utilities Menu, I have the BAQ, Dashboard, and Quick Search Entry forms

Then I just treat it like the wild west. None of those forms can cause any damage to the system as they are just Data Output tools. None of my users, including myself has the advanced BAQ flag turned on, as I don’t see much value in updatable BAQs, since we have a DMT tool.

The only table that could potentially have any sensitive data is the employee tables which we don’t populate outside of basic ID, Name, and MES security flags. I see no reason for power users to have restricted access to the data, as the more solutions they create for themselves the more time I have to do my projects.

True… but it is possible to create Queries that are very inefficient, and therefore slow down your system. Just be aware of this. Even the best of us have created queries that brought the system to its knees.

Is the 10s max runtime and 10,000 Query rule only a default in Cloud Queries?

There is PowerBI from Microsoft. I haven’t used it in production but I understand It’s a self serve query tool. The admin sets up the tables users have access too and lets them at it (they will need some IT skills to use it so its not for everyone) .

There is also Epicor data discovery.