Utilize Epicor to summarize all inputted packing slips from the past 24 hrs

  • looking to create a report to summarize all inputted packing slips from the past 24 hrs. What would be the best way to do it? I’m using Epicor 9

Write a BAQ and then link it to a Dashboard

natively Epicor doesn’t really cover it’s bases for tracking when packs are built and shipped. This can be a big deal. You can assemble a shipment over time and when you pack the first line item to the last and even when the original packslip was created (should often be at the earliest packed line) can be an important metric. Out of the box last changed at the shiphead and shipdtl line are all you have. That may be enough. Admittedly the time portion is seconds after midnight, but you can deal with that. If you have a lot of noise in your process i recommend a bpm to populate an ‘actual packed date’ by line. Make this a datetime so you can get both portions you need. At the shiphead do a similar deal but call it creation date. Shipdate can get a bit slippery it’s defaulted to the date it’s created but can get changed by the end user to reflect actual shipment date. In the end there isn’t anything out of the box you can use that’s really solid outside of shiphead.shipdate and shiphead/shipdtl lastchanged. Those may work for you and if they do, building a simple baq can give you all that.

Just a heads up… the LastChanged field can be updated after the packer is marked shipped. You can open a shipped packer and update the Tracking#. This will update the last changed.

If accuracy(packers retrieved are for the actual date) is critical, add a UD field to store a date, and then update this field when the Packer is marked shipped AND that date is blank.