Vantage 5.0 & on demand subreports Crystal 8.0

I am trying to modify the standard Vantage Crystal traveler (dbf files) by
adding a linked ODBC subreport. I made it an on demand subreport hoping it
would allow the DBF files with the fields the subreport links to be created
before processing the subreport request. I am trying to streamline the
process and do not want to have to preview the traveler first to create the
DBF files. When I print preview the traveler inside of Vantage the the
subreport title shows up but it does not generate the subreport like it does
in the Crystal design window. I am using a file DSN with the password that
allows me to get pass the password prompt on standard ODBC reports. Does
anybody have a workaround? Is the Web component a viable option?


Dan Shallbetter
States Electric Mfg.