Vantage 6.1 Consultant Needed

Vantage People,
I have run into an issue that will likely require a hired gun. I know there are some independent consultants out there that monitor this group and may still have memories of Vantage 6.1. Or maybe even someone with knowledgebase access that can look up a definite solution.

Here is the deal:
I have an external SQL Server database that contains one table with two columns. Job Number and Customer Name. We have a modified version of the Part Tags Crystal Report that gets printed for any material movement and placed in the bin of parts. This works fine. I have a new version of this that adds a SQL ODBC connection to the table so I can print the customer name for the parts in the bin. The DBF files for the Part Tag report do not have provision for this.

Whenever I change over to the new version it runs fine for about half an hour to an hour. We print these at about 12 locations where Data Collection clocking occurs and they all work fine for awhile. Then after some random period we get everyone seeing 'ERROR 544'. Once this happens there is no way to clear it. I have tried logging all of the locations off from Vantage at the same time then restarting and even the first one back gets the message. So I have to switch back to the "standard" version which then works fine.

Error 544 apparently (as far as I can tell) is a file access issue. I figure it has to do with the SQL ODBC connection and something possibly locking up although the connection is read-only. The report works fine when run from outside of Vantage so I also suspect there is something in the way Vantage initiates the report. Problem is I do not know what is happening behind the scenes when a tag is being generated. I have already made the customer name field a sub-report and conditioned running that sub-report on there being a job number involved (some tags are for supplies receipt so no job). That did not help.

If you have experience with situations like this or can help troubleshoot this I have been authorized to hire help or offer a reward for a solution. We are on Vantage 6.1.543 and Progress 9.1d. Crystal 8.5. One other possible factor is the data collection terminals all run RDP terminal sessions on the same server. Lately I have assured that they all have a unique Vantage login name but that has not helped either.

If you think you can help please email me off-list at:

Todd Caughey
IT Manager
Harvey Vogel Mfg. Co.
Woodbury, MN

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