Vantage 8.00 Sales Gross Margin

Vantage 8.00 Sales Gross Margin report preview does not have the Export
option that is available in Vantage 8.03. We are not moving to v8.03
until August or whenever 8.03.400 is released.

In Vantage 6.1 I would print preview the SGM report then import the .DBF
file from c:\mfgwork61 into Excel. However Vantage 8.00's Progress SGM
report is a .txt file that would be easier to re-type from scratch
rather than trying to reformat in Excel... has anyone developed a v8.00
SGM Crystal they would be willing to share?

Thanks, Lee

E. Lee Ingalls III
Director of IT/TS
Commercial Tool Group
Ph 616.785.8100 x121
Fx 616.785.8210