Vantage issue

We're still struggling with it here and there was a discussion about it on
this group last week. My network administrator is supposed to be running
and reviewing the AIDA utility that Shirley recommended to compare to other
users file to look for anything that cold be causing this - but we just got
a new server in for something else and hasn't been able to give me anytime
yet. If you haven't yet, you should call it into tech support so they know
it is a real issue.

I saw several messages regarding this issue. Can anyone give me some
feedback concerning this?

The issue was Vantage freezes up when trying to print a job traveler.
It also freezes up in other areas. The only way to get out of Vantage
is ctrl-alt-del and kill it.

This happens on several of our user systems, but not all of them.

We are using version 5.0 and version 5.2. It seems to be happening in
both versions.

Was there any solution found to stop this from occurring?

Sherri Hill


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