Visual Studio Code Extension for Epicor 10 Customization


I’m hoping I can get some feedback. I have been working on an extension for Visual Studio Code which will allow you to Edit, Sync and Modify Epicor Customizations directly in visual studio code.
This will provide the much needed intelisense as well as a host of other neat features, including the ability of Versioning (git) your customizations.

We’ve been working on this for few weeks, it was actually an idea that @Mark_Wonsil brought up and with the help of @jgiese.wci, @Chris_Conn, @hasokeric, @Banderson and @jgehling we’ve found and fixed a bunch bugs on it as well as added some cool enhancements and features. But now I need more testers, so I’m hoping some of you will be brave and lend a hand.

This is a free open source extension that ANYONE will be able to play with and try and hopefully use once it is stable. There are a bunch of more features I’d like to add to it but slow and steady as they say. For now I think is fairly feature complete (if a little quirky)

Below is a walk-through of how it works and how to set it up as well as a link to download it and try it. Note this has been released under GPL2 license, it is FREE (as in beer) and anyone that wishes to can contribute to it. One of the “TODO” list items is to document the code since it uses a LOT of reflection and C# Kung-Fu.

It will require you to download a helper library and drop it in your Epicor client folder, like you do with DMT (instructions in the video above), please know that this is by no means ready for what I would consider a production environment please please backup your customization before you try doing anything with this extension to it. I will not be responsible if you break it, seriously is free and open source and it comes with ZERO warranties. But I wager it will be super useful if we can get it nice and solid.

Again… use at your own RISK

Here’s the Video that walks through it

Here’s another walk through of some additional features we added in the last few weeks

Here is the link to download it

The source code is available in github, for both the Extension and the Helper Library, if you find issues with it open an issue in github and I’ll check it out. Or reply here.

Thanks a lot!

BTW when a new release is pushed you will likely have to re-download the helper library. I am working on an automated way of doing this but for now you have to get it from the site and re-extract it (sorry I know its a PITA)

Again this is free, don’t expect a ton of support, but feel free to post feedback here or on github and I will try to address as time allows. This is merely an experiment in its current form.** THIS IS NOT supported by Epicor directly so don’t bother them with it**.
Also don’t download random stuff that some “dude” tells you on a forum even if that dude is me… seriously trust but verify!! as my friend @hasokeric likes to say. The source code is available online check it out

BACK UP BACK UP BACK UP your customization before messing with it in this tool.

Cheers, I hope you find it useful, or at least interesting


Thanks jose,

I will definitly try it out…after our upgrade process… :roll_eyes:
set to happen this week-end!

Looks promising !


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Cool Pierre,
Let me know how it goes.

how do we know this is really you :slight_smile:

LMAO well… I mean I suppose my account could have been hacked LoL do you want me to post a picture holding today’s news paper? LMAO
That won’t work… who has news papers…


I asked @Banderson and he says I am me, so I’ll go ahead and trust him, you should too


That looks super awesome! Thanks for creating and sharing it. I will definitely take it for a spin!


I will second the warning to NOT use this for production! There was a bug where it was grabbing the wrong customization and wiping out code. It ended up being a bug on the epicor side, and I think Jose is handling it on the his side now, but it’s still possible to happen. Develop your code in a test environment, then bring it over to production without this tool. (at least for now).

It is pretty sweet though!


Yeah that has now been fixed however I agree with Brandon. Please test this in your Test environment and backup your work

This looks great! We are in 10.2.100.x, however. It does not look like there is a helper library available for that version. I would be really interested in trying this extension.

I’ll try to get one for you… Just need to find a 10.2.100 client… LoL

I was thinking that this would be nice to have in vs code when I was working on some customizations last week while on another project and kept popping in and out different programs.

Looks like it has all the EpiMagic I need. Time to go download it and break some stuff!

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Thanks @bmanners for the 10.2.100.X contribution. I’ll be merging and publishing for download in bit :slight_smile: got to love git!


I usually download first, ask questions later :smiley:


Merged and updated, Extension Updated to include 10.2.100.X library Thanks @bmanners!!


This looks awesome, this could be a game changer for screen customizations! Can’t wait to play with this (not in production!)

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@josecgomez So I was driving home the other night listening to .NetRocks. Thanks @Mark_Wonsil and I thought “Hey, now there would be a great VS Code Extension”…and by EpiMagic it appears. Is there a Legend badge that you can get?

Seriously, your efforts are much appreciated. Testing right after this post.


Thanks! I can’t wait to dig into this!

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So for single sign on environments just leave username and password blank, that seemed to work for me. I’ll be doing some testing around HH, so we will see how it goes.

Interesting that that worked… thanks for that @Hally never tried SSO in this tool before.