Voiding Payment Goes To Review Journal

Epicor 9.05.605
AP accidently posted a check payment instead of another payment method for a vendor invoice. However when they attempt to void the payment it goes to the review journal.
When I check the review journal for the error it says the transaction is out of balance.
Not sure how that could happen if the original payment post was balanced.
Has anyone seen anything like this or have a way to correct it?
They need to pay the vendor invoice but need to void the payment so the invoice can be referenced again.
I am creating a case with Epicor Support, but I don’t anticipate a quick response and I’m told this is urgent.
FYI - The Finance module is not my strong point.

If you go to the bank account for the other method does it have a GL control? I had something similar happen and it was resolving by adding GL to complete transactions and then remove again. Can you post full review journal error or was that exactly all it said?

Thanks that makes sense, here

So I checked the GL Control that is associated with the bank and all of the contexts have not been set, any idea which context is needed?

Anything else you need from the Review Journal?

I thought the review journal may have more since it did in my case so maybe not the same.

Here is an example of how the GL should be set (may vary). The account context would be Cash typically for the Bank Control Type.

There is a GL Control defined for the bank, but when I review it and go to close out I get a warning that ‘One or more account context require an account’
Not sure which would be needed for Voiding.
None of the ‘Income Only’ contexts are defined, and ‘Cash’ has a checkbox that says required.
The Main Book Cash context is defined, along with all the other contexts except ‘AR Pending Cash’ which I wouldn’t think would be needed for this.
Would that be the issue? If so, perhaps the Controller would know the appropriate account to use there?

I would think cash but I am in the same boat as you with regards to Financials :slight_smile:

make sure the entry for CASH is filled with a valid GL account - in the BANK GLC
and keep filling the other entries - if the errors persist

that would be my approach

Thanks Dan, I will throw these thoughts at the accountants and see if something sticks. They’ve been using Epicor for 10 years I would like to think this happened once before, probably just a rare issue so no one quickly recalls the problem. It’s just that the AP person is new and I don’t think anyone else in accounting is aware of this as of yet.

Also, if there are multiple books, ESPECIALLY ones not currently being used, you’ll get this message for any other book that is missing required accounts.

Mark W.

So Epicor Support got back with me and we reviewed the check payment record and she noticed that it was a Prepaid Payment Check and she said there is a known issue with Voidiing Prepay Checks.
She ordered the hotfix and hopefully I will receive it sooner than later.
I will update with the results and if it resolves the issue.