Weird SSRS Problem

Epicor 10.1.400.19

We recently refreshed our Training database with live and when we try to print any SSRS reports we get an error saying it can’t find the report. The short story is we noticed it is trying to get the report from the database specified as the database that epicor writes the data to (2nd screenshot below) instead of the root folder. We have verified that the correct report path is in the SSRS configuration in the Admin Console and in the report style screen. We are stumped as to why it’s looking for the report in the data database. Has anyone come across this before?

Root Folder: EpicorTrain10
SSRS Database Name : EpicorTrainERP10Reports

Thanks for any help.


Admin Console Settings for Train:

Report Style Settings in Train for the Report we got the error for:

If you look in your web.config does the SSRSRootFolder show correctly or the wrong entry?

Yes that was it. Now we have our task agent installed on a different server then our appserver. The web.config on the server running our task agent was the one that had the incorrect root folder. How would this have happened? The appservers web.config had the correct root folder in it.

I have seen missing entries a few times but have seen wrong entries only once and it turned out to be when multiple sysadmins had their hands in the system. Not sure exactly the sequence of events they did to cause it but one was deploying with an incorrect root folder.