What billing type = UPS collect?

We don’t use Quick Ship; we went with a third party. But I still want to work within the system and use these “billing types.”

Basically the only need at the moment is a place to put the UPS account number of our customer on their customer record (which I now know means putting it on every ship-to record :roll_eyes:).

I found all the Billing Type codes. “FedEx collect” is nice and straightforward. But UPS… what is collect, exactly? Is parcel collect a different thing than freight collect?

I mean, I could use anything since we are not using QS, but I want to do it right anyway.

Is there no manual for Quick Ship, by the way? I looked on EpicWeb.

CON Consignee
FEDCOLL FedEx Collect
FEDPRE FedEx Prepaid
FEDREC FedEx Recipient
SHIP Shipper
TP Third Party
UPSCON UPS Consignee
UPSCSTFT UPS Cost and Freight
UPSDUTY UPS Delivery Duty Paid
UPSFOB UPS Free On Board
UPSFRCOL UPS Freight Collect
UPSDTAX UPS Shipping Duty and Tax

@JasonMcD take a look at the billing codes in the Quickship help.

Quick Ship (search for “billing”)

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@bderuvo Outstanding. Thank you.

We have a customization that allows us to put the UPS account number instead of all of the Ship Tos. If you want, I can look up the name of the company who did it for us.

@lgraham Not at the moment, but thank you.

Apparently I had a premonition!

Quick backstory - we have UPS as a carrier, supplier and a customer (that’s not much of a secret.) So when we have to ship to UPS the customer, we ship via UPS collect - shocker, I know.

I found out today that UPS (the customer) has us use one collect account number for freight and a different account for parcel.

Again, we don’t use QuickShip, so I am not restrained today, but I want to emulate it in case we ever do switch to it.

So, what would you do in this case for setup - like, what billing types for each? When I looked at the Manifest help (thank you @bderuvo), it doesn’t seem to anticipate this.

@JasonMcD did you try adding a Manifest Billing record to the customer or shipto? I don’t think it ties to ship via, but you can via a BPM.
Maybe use separate shipto’s and add the Manifest Billing to each?

Right, I can find a way (UPS PrePaid for one and UPS Freight Collect for the other), but I was wondering what is the best practice. What might future-proof this in case we were ever to switch to QuickShip. We can’t be the only people that have UPS as a customer and ship to them using UPS.

You do hit on a tangent - it’s a pain it does not tie to Ship Via, but that wasn’t my concern today. I am thinking of putting in an Idea request for that.