What if - spamming a BAQ

What happens if the same BAQ is called before it’s results are returned?

I have a few tools I’ve written that allow the user to scan in a part or bin to get info. Currently, I’ve placed a refresh button next to the input to refresh the BAQ after the user updates the criteria. This is kind of tedious to always have to click the button.

I have considered just adding an OnChange event for the textbox that calls the BAQ but what if the BAQ hasn’t returned results before the next keystroke comes in, which it probably wont?

Are there any other approaches, is this ok, or should I abandon ship? Thanks!

It will just call it sequentially I mean if you use the same objects you’ll likely break things.
But if you are using unique objects declared inside your function then it should be fine

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Thanks for the input. So it’s just called sequentially hopefully it’s not
too big of a slow down. I’ll give it a test run