What Job did my employee add material to?

I had an employee add materials to an unknown job through a typo. They did not notice what job they were adding the materials to. So how could I see where they added those materials. I tried to right click on a material in Part and see “where used” but that only shows the master machine it is used on. I think I’m looking for a simple “where is the demand” for the material they added to find to job it was added to.

Hope this makes sense.


Look in PartTran (Part Transaction History Tracker)

I tried there. It only shows material that was purchased and material that was issued.

You said he added material to a job, so it should show which job he issued it to in the Part Tran History? Am I misunderstanding something?

Try right clicking on the material and going to Time Phase.

not there either

Maybe I’m saying it wrong. He manually entered the part number under the materials list in a job. He did not issue the material, just put it in the list. So he created a demand for it. We dont issue materials until the job ships.

AH! I misunderstood… hmm unless you have Log Tracking Enabled… you can use a BAQ to find it, but how would you know …

right. hey, thanks for the help anyway. I was just wondering if there was an easy function I was missing.

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