Where next PO Num is store in Epicor 10


I want to know where in which table Epicor store next PO Num increment value.
I checked in XaSyst table of Company Configuration but its storing the Starting PO Number.

Even in CompanySequence table its not there. I am unable to get this.
Kindly let me know field /table name where its storing next PONumber value. Thanks

I just skimmed ice.ZDataField and it doesn’t look like there’s a NextPONum like field. I also spent a few minutes looking through the various libraries used in POEntry, but nothing stuck out.

It’s probably calculated on the fly by looking at the Max(PoNum), incrementing it by one, and then comparing it to StartPONum. It then uses whichever is larger. I, personally, wouldn’t bother since any customization I’d use would call the built-in GetNewPO… methods. I feel no need to duplicate that functionality in my own code.

Look at the KeyBlock/KeyLast table, not sure why it doesn’t use the existing company sequence logic.