WIP form one Plant to WIP of another

I’ve been told that there is no way (at least not a easy “built-in” way) to get WIP from one plant into another. But I’ve seen several instances in E10 the hint to the fact that you should be able to.

  1. There are MFG-PLT and PLT-MTL part transaction types. They show up in the Tran Type filter on the WIP Recon report. And in the Inventory Transaction Tech Ref guide.

  2. The In Transit Stock report has an option to exclude “Job Materials”

My need for trasnfering WIP from one plant to another, is so that Something could be built in Plant A, moved from Plant A’s WIP to Plant B’s WIP, and then shipped from Plant B’s WIP. All without every having to receive the MFG’d part into stock at either plant A or Plant B.

Basically, Make To Order in plant A, but Ship From plant B’s WIP.